Formed in Nagoya(Japan), TILT are one of the leading travelin' bands in the Japanese indie scene and nicknamed the "King of Live band".
They are a glamorous rock and roll band, with grooves like Aerosmith and KIX.

Major debut in 1988, releasing three albums for Polydor (Universal Music).
"TILT Trick" in 1988, "Dear Rock'N Roll Party 50's-60's" in 1989,
"Travellin' Band" in 1989, ...and more.

Some bumps and detours, the band reunited in 2014, releasing "The Belly of the Fish" in 2016, "The Beast in Your Mind" in 2019, "TILT 'N' ROLL CIRCUS" in 2020, "the Fool" in 2021.

In 2023, TILT will celebrate its 35th anniversary!
Always delivering Satisfaction Guaranteed live performances, and still going strong today. TILT's sound, which has hooks and sharpness in its loose feel, and is rough yet crisp.

Takeshi “American Cherry” Sakakibara (Vo.)
Tatsuyuki.O'hara (G.)
Taiki.Katano (G.)
Tetsuro "Lemmy" Miyazaki (B.)
Akinori.Mitsui (Dr.)

American Cherry

Lead Vocals

Tatsuyuki O'hara

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Taiki Katano

Lead Guitar 

Tetsuro "Lemmy" Miyazaki


Akinori Mitsui