TILT are Japanese hard rockers, celebrating 35th anniversary of major debut this year!
To commemorate the occasion, we have opened our official global website.


TILT will be featured in the October issue of BURRN!

⚫︎ American Cherry solo interview by You Masuda
⚫︎Review of the album to be released overseas on 29 September
⚫︎December live show announcement.

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TILT will be the opening guest act for the British melodic rock band Midnite City's Japan tour.   (Tokyo only)

Midnite City Official Page

TILT will appear on its back cover

The mook book will be released on July 18 by BURRN! In a special issue of Mr. BIG's Farewell.

We are very happy to announce that we have signed a contract with the Danish record label Lions Pride Music and "TILT'N'ROLL CIRCUS" will be released worldwide on September 29th.

"TILT'N'ROLL CIRCUS" was released in Japan in 2020 and has been remastered with 3 newly recorded bonus tracks.

A heavy metal band might choose a German or British label, but when we thought about TILT's musicality, we decided to join forces with a Danish label because we believe that Scandinavia is the most suitable place for TILT these days.
With the 35th anniversary and this release, we are aiming higher with a renewed spirit!